A *nix infrastructure engineer and systems administrator; obsessive geek, advocate of {open-source,security,privacy}, "ricer", and patient coffee brewer.

Occassionally writes log entries related to free and open source software, digital security, and random musings amongst other things. Microblogging can be found on the fediverse.

Code written or used can be found in repositories on this domain's git server or on gitlab/github.

To communicate use the address root <at> pyratebeard <dot> net, or for more direct contact use IRC:

If you would like to communicate securely use the PGP key found here, or incant:

curl https://pyratebeard.net/pgp.pub | gpg --import

Key ID: 0x5113A16D | Fingerprint: 7A8E 129D BE67 9DAB AEB3 37C5 C787 7C71 5113 A16D

SSH key: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAICSluiY54h5FlGxnnXqifWPnfvKNIh1/f0xf0yCThdqV

Identity proof can be found on keyoxide and keybase.