A *nix infrastructure engineer and systems administrator; obsessive geek, advocate of {open-source,security,privacy}, "ricer", and patient coffee brewer.

Occassionally I will write log entries related to technology, security, free and open source software, and tips or tricks that I have found useful. Microblogging can be found on mastodon.

Some of the code that I write or use can be found in repositories on my git server or on gitlab/github.

For communications use the address root <at> pyratebeard <dot> net, or for more direct contact use IRC:

If you would like to communicate securely my PGP key can be found here, or incant:

curl https://pyratebeard.net/pgp.pub | gpg --import

Key ID: 0x5113A16D | Fingerprint: 7A8E 129D BE67 9DAB AEB3 37C5 C787 7C71 5113 A16D

SSH key: ssh-ed25519 AAAAC3NzaC1lZDI1NTE5AAAAICSluiY54h5FlGxnnXqifWPnfvKNIh1/f0xf0yCThdqV

Identity proof can be found on keyoxide and keybase.