A *nix infrastructure consultant and systems administrator; obsessive geek, advocate of {open-source,security,privacy}, and patient coffee brewer.


Occassionally I will write log entries related to technology, security, free and open source software, and tips or tricks that I have found useful. Microblogging can be found on mastodon.


Some of the code that I write or use can be found in repositories on my git server or on gitlab/github.


If you would like to reach out my addresses are:

  • root <at> pyratebeard <dot> net
  • pyratebeard <at> protonmail <dot> com

For more direct contact message me on IRC:

If we are already acquainted and you would like to use real-time messaging please use briar. Contact me via alternative means, including meatspace, in order to connect.


If you would like to communicate securely my PGP key can be found here, or incant:

curl | gpg --import
7A8E 129D BE67 9DAB AEB3 37C5 C787 7C71 5113 A16D

Identity proof can be found on keybase.